Solar Is Your Answer.

At Storm Team Construction we have helped over 12,000 customers improve the integrity and value of their homes and businesses. As technology continues to improve, so do the possibilities for retrofitting your property. We specialize in entire roofing systems and we believe the best thing you can put on your roof is not just shingles, metal, or tile, it’s solar.

Solar completes the perfect roofing system of the future. Electric bills continue to increase on average, 5-10% a year. With solar, you lock in your electric bill for the next 20 years at even lower rates, no increases. Whether you are interested in the monthly savings, environmental benefits, or are concerned with the ability to maintain power during a utility outage, solar is your answer. We take as much pride in our customer service as we do the finished product of our work. Storm Team Construction, built to weather the storm.

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