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In addition to having three generations working together at Storm Team Construction, we have dedicated ourselves to building a team of co-workers that have become like family. Our team is made up with some of the most talented people in the industry. Want to join our team? Visit our Careers page.


Chad Simkins

President (CEO)

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Matt Wharton

Vice President (COO)

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Colby Simkins

VP of Sales

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Mike Simkins


Kevin Pittman

Florida Production Manager

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James Bebeau

Production Manager

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Cassie Stamm

Sales Coordinator

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Brennan Dudziak

Field Operations Manager

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Kristin Cury

Operations Manager

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Jim McDougall

General Contractor

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Scott Lane

South Carolina Production Manager

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TJ Cernus

Ohio Production Manager

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Melonie Aronoff

Office Manager

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Raquel DosSantos

Accounts Manager

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Stacy Horgan

Senior Account Manager

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Luis A Rivera

Window & Door Production Manager

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Emilio Pineda

Quality Control Manager

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Ryan Jones

Quality Control for Windows

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Mark Vouis

Regional Sales Manager

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Michael Skip

Window & Installer Crew Lead

Clay Burk

Project Manager

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Chris Mailey

Project Manager

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Barney Minkos

Project Manager

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Brandon Gibbs

Project Manager

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Scott Schmidt

Project Manager

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Matt Hazlett

Project Manager

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David Perney

Project Manager

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Ray Wolf

Project Manager

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Daniel Neeld

Project Manager

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Robert Brownlee

Project Manager

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Johnny Singer

Project Manager

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Daniel Ahonkhai

Project Manager

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Abilio Roldan-Velasquez

Roofing Crew

Alberto Torres

Roofing Crew

Aldisar Sales

Roofing Crew

Maximo Sales

Roofing Crew

Roberto Sales

Roofing Crew

Dony De Leon

Roofing Crew

Romeo Roldan-Valeasquez

Roofing Crew

Stevan Hartman

Window Installer

Partners and Preferred Contractors

Integrated Sales Solutions

Brian Arnold

Owner of Integrated Sales Solutions

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Michelle Sweatt

ISS Operations Manager

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Cathy Petropoulos

ISS Regional Director Multifamily & HOA

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Dennis Wong

ISS General Manager

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Lee Johnson

ISS Sales Manager

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Payal Kerai

ISS Administrative Manager

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Other Partners and Preferred Contractors

Richard Munguia

Project Manager

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Jesse Wright

Marketing and IT

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